Exploring Australian Souvenirs: The Popularity of UGG and Other Travel Gifts

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Are you planning a trip to Australia soon? If so, you're in for a treat! Australia is a vast and beautiful country with a rich history and unique wildlife. While experiencing everything this amazing country offers, remember to take home a piece of it with you. Australian souvenirs are the perfect way to remember your trip and share a piece of the culture with your loved ones.

One of the most popular Australian souvenirs is the UGG boot. This sheepskin boot originated in Australia and has become a global phenomenon. This article will explore the history and popularity of UGG boots and other unique travel gifts you can buy in Australia.

There is something for everyone, from traditional Indigenous art and crafts to delicious Australian treats like Tim Tams to those as sophisticated and convenient as UGG Boots. We'll take a deep dive into these popular souvenirs and even share where you can find them.

So, get ready to explore the world of Australian souvenirs and take home a piece of this amazing country with you. Let's dive in!

Australian Souvenirs: What to Buy?

Australia's rich and diverse culture is best encapsulated in its souvenir offerings, which make perfect keepsakes to cherish the memories of your trip. Australian souvenirs provide a wide range of options, from traditional Indigenous art and crafts to unique food items and fashion accessories, ensuring that there is something for everyone to take home.

Stylish Woman Wearing Black UGG Shoes

UGG Boots

UGG boots are undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs to bring back from Australia. One of the main reasons UGG boots make the best souvenirs is their versatility. They can be worn with various outfits, from jeans to dresses and even shorts. The boots come in many different styles and colours, ensuring a pair suits everyone's taste.

Moreover, UGG boots are an excellent souvenir because they are associated with Australian culture. When wearing UGG boots, you're not just wearing a comfortable and stylish pair of boots but also representing Australia's unique fashion and culture.

When buying UGG boots as a souvenir, it's essential to consider their authenticity. UGG boots come in many variations, and not all are genuine. Buying from a reputable retailer is crucial to ensure you get an authentic pair of UGG boots.


If you're interested in traditional Indigenous art and crafts, plenty of options exist. Aboriginal artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and even clothing items, reflect the rich Indigenous culture of Australia. Boomerangs and didgeridoos are also unique souvenirs that can serve as decorative pieces and functional tools.

For those who love jewellery, opals are a must-have souvenir. These gemstones are found in Australia and are known for their vibrant colours and unique patterns. Additionally, Akubra hats, made from rabbit fur, are an iconic Australian fashion accessory in many shops nationwide.

If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss out on unique Australian food items like Tim Tams, Vegemite, and Bundaberg Rum. Tim Tams are a delicious chocolate biscuit that comes in various flavours, while Vegemite is a salty spread made from yeast extract that is typically spread on toast or sandwiches. Bundaberg Rum is a famous rum brand produced in Bundaberg, Queensland, known for its smooth taste.

UGG Boots: History and Popularity

What are UGG boots?

UGG boots are sheepskin boots that originated in Australia. They are typically made from twin-faced sheepskin with a soft inner lining and a suede outer surface. The boots were initially designed to keep surfers' feet warm when they came out of the water, but their popularity has spread globally, making them a must-have fashion item.

The history behind UGG boots

The history of UGG boots dates back to the 1920s when Australian surfers first created them. However, the boots gained popularity in the 1970s when surfers started wearing them to warm their feet. They became a hit in the United States in the early 2000s, and since then, UGG boots have become a global phenomenon.

Why are UGG boots so popular?

UGG boots are popular for several reasons. Firstly, they are made from high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Secondly, they are incredibly comfortable and warm your feet during cold weather. Thirdly, they are versatile and can be worn with various outfits, making them a fashion staple for many. Finally, they are associated with Australian culture, making them a unique souvenir for tourists.

Are UGG boots worth the price?

UGG boots can be expensive, but they are worth the price for their durability and comfort. The boots are made from high-quality materials that last for years, making them a good investment. Moreover, they are versatile and can be worn with many outfits, making them a fashion staple.

Other Popular Australian Souvenirs

Apart from UGG boots, there are many other popular Australian souvenirs that you can buy. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Boomerangs are a traditional Indigenous tool used for hunting or as a toy. They are typically made from wood and have a unique shape that allows them to

return to the thrower when thrown correctly. Boomerangs are a unique souvenir that can also serve as a decorative piece for your home.


Didgeridoos are a traditional wind instrument played by Indigenous Australians. They are typically made from wood or bamboo and have a unique, mesmerising sound. Didgeridoos are an excellent souvenir for music lovers or anyone interested in learning about Indigenous Australian culture.


Opals are gemstones in Australia known for their vibrant colours and unique patterns. They are a popular souvenir for jewellery lovers and can be found in many shops across Australia.

Aboriginal Artwork

Aboriginal artwork is a unique souvenir that reflects the rich Indigenous culture of Australia. These artworks can range from paintings, sculptures, and even clothing items. Buying Aboriginal artwork is a great way to support Indigenous artists and learn about their culture.

Tim Tams

Tim Tams are a delicious Australian chocolate biscuit that is popular among tourists. (Wikipedia: Tim Tam) They come in many different flavours, and their unique taste makes them great souvenirs for food lovers.

Kangaroo and Koala Plush Toys

Kangaroo and Koala plush toys are popular souvenirs for children and animal lovers. These toys can be found in many shops across Australia and are a great way to take home a piece of Australia's unique wildlife.

Akubra Hats

Akubra hats are iconic Australian hats that are typically made from rabbit fur. They are great souvenirs for fashion-conscious travellers and can be found in many shops across Australia.

Surf Gear

Australia is known for its great surf spots, making surf gear a popular souvenir among surfers. Surf gear can range from surfboards to wetsuits and even clothing items.


Vegemite is a unique Australian spread (Wikipedia: Vegemite) that is made from yeast extract. It has a strong, salty taste and is typically spread on toast or sandwiches. Vegemite is a great souvenir for food lovers and can be found in many supermarkets across Australia.

Where to Buy Australian Souvenirs?

Tourist shops can be found in most major cities and tourist attractions, but they can be more expensive than local markets. Furthermore, you can buy them online, such as in UGG Boots. There are many places to buy Australian souvenirs, from tourist shops to local markets. Some of the most popular places to buy souvenirs include:

  • The Rocks Markets in Sydney
  • Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne
  • Salamanca Market in Hobart
  • Mindil Beach Sunset Market in Darwin
  • Cairns Night Market in Cairns

Take Home a Piece of Australia

Taking home a piece of Australia through souvenirs is a great way to preserve the memories of your trip and share the country's rich culture with others. While UGG boots are undoubtedly the most popular souvenir, many other options include Aboriginal artwork, Tim Tams, and opals. 

However, it's crucial to remember your souvenirs' authenticity and support local businesses. So, whether you're a fashionista or a foodie, there's something for everyone to take home and cherish from their Australian adventure.

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